Swing check valve - L 10 127-3(4)160..400 PN 160,250,320,400

Swing check valve is tested as per DIN 3230-3, (SN 133060, part 2).


Valve can be installed either into horizontal or vertical position. In
vertical pipeline disc must be in upper position and flow direction must
be upwards. Medium flow must be as per the arrow on the body.

Self-acting by the pressure of working medium on the valve disc which
in the closed position avoids reverse flow of medium.

Self-acting valve preventing from reflux of
transported medium. It is used for water,
steam, gases and other non-aggressive liquids
for working pressures and temperatures:

Swing check valve is not a shut-off valve. If
tightness is required, shut-off valve must be
also inserted into the pipeline.

Technical description
Body is a forging or die forging. The body seat
is hot-pressed and secured by sealing welding,
body and seat sealing surfaces are made of
hard alloy welded overlay. Disc fits on the
seat sealing surface and is carried in an arm
revolving on a special hinge pin.

Face-to-face dimensions as per SN 133052.
Butt-Weld ends are as per SN 131075
(DIN 2559). A flanged design of this valve is
available, too.

Body, bonnet, disc
up to 400C steel DIN 1.0425
up to 550C steel DIN 1.7715
Pin stainless steel (13Cr)
Sealing surfaces welded overlay (Stellite 6)
Stuffing box packing expanded graphite

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