Butterfly valve operated by electric actuator
L 32 (L 36) 173-616 PN 16

The butterfly valve is operated by a single turn
electric actuator with connecting dimensions
as per ISO 5211. For the MOK 63, the supply
voltage is 125 V and 250-220 V, and for the
MOK 500 it is 380 V. In case of a power
failure, the valve can be operated with a

Dp - maximum pressure drop (difference in pressure before and behind
the valve) [MPa]
t Z - closing time [sec]

Shut-off valve - version L32 for non-
aggressive liquids and fuel gasses, version
L36 for aggressive services depending on
their type and concentration, for these
temperatures and pressures:

Technical description
The butterfly valve is two-way. The dics is
centrally pivoted on he shaft, which turns in
sliding bearings and are sealed with O-rings.
Arubber collar forms the sealing surfaces and
the flow passage of the body.

Face-to-face dimensions are as per 3201 K1.
Connecting dimensions allow the valve to be
clamped between PN6, 10 and PN 16 flanges.
Arubber collar forms the sealing surfaces.

Body grey cast iron (GG-25)
Valve disc L 32 brass (CuZn37)
L 36 stainless steel (1.4581)
Shafts stainless steel (13Cr)
Collar rubber (EPDM, NBR,IIR)
Shaft sealing O-ring (VITON)

Valve is tested as per DIN 3230.

The butterfly valve can be installed in
horizontal or vertical piping, centrically
between flanges (in the open position the
valve disc extends beyond the valve body).

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