"ABO" lugged butterfly valve series 600, series 900

The valve can be operated with a hand lever, single-turn electric actuator or pneumatic actuator. The type of electric actuator (pneumatic actuator) is selected by the supplier.
Series 600 - Shut-off valve for water, air, oil,
diesel, petrol and non-aggressive liquids at
temperatures up to 130°C.
Series 900 - Shut-off valve for aggressive
media (depending on type and concentration)
and gases at temperatures up to 130°C.
Maximum service pressure:

Technical description
The butterfly valve is two-way. The disc is
centrally pivoted on shafts, which turn in
sliding bearings. A rubber collar forms the
sealing surfaces and the flow passage of the

Face-to-face and connecting dimensions are
given in the table below.
Options: B - through holes
T - threaded holes

                         series 600                     series 900
Body               grey cast iron                 grey cast iron
                          (GG 25)                         (GG25)
                                                            ductile iron
Valve disc ductile                           iron Al-bronze
                     brass ductile iron
                        Al-bronze                    stainless steel
                    stainless steel
Shafts           stainless steel
Collar             EPDM or NBR
and others   NBR, EPDM,VITON
(Materials are chosen to suit service)

The valve is tested as per DIN 3230.

The butterfly valve can be installed in
horizontal or vertical piping.

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