Swing check valve - C 09 408 (PN 100) CLASS 600

Swing check valves are pressure tested according to API 598 for : strength and
tightness, sealing tightness by low pressure (based on customer#s order),
sealing tightness by high pressure.

Swing check valves can be installed either into horizontal or vertical pipeline.
In vertical pipeline disc must be in upper position and flow direction must be

Order specification:
Specifications necessary for order: type number, nominal diameter, pressure
class, connection type, wedge type, control, body and bonnet material, trim,
operating parameters, tests, accopmanying documentations.

Swing check valves with flanged and butt-
weld ends are pipeline valves designed to
automatically prevent reverse flow of
medium. They are used for: non-aggressive
liquids, water, steam, oil, crude oil and oil
products. Operating parameters meet
requirements of ASME/ANSI B 16.34
standard. Application for other operating
liquids must be discussed with the
manufacturer. Ambient temperature is from -
13°F to +122°F ( -25°C do +50°C).

Characteristics of working conditions for
materials :

Pressure-temperature ratings are according to
ANSI / ASME B 16.34

Technical description
Swing check valves with flanged or butt-weld
ends, full bore, consist of a body, cover, disc
and arm. Seat is screwed or welded into body.
Disc bears on seat sealing surface and is
carried in an arm revolving on a special hinge
pin. Connecting flanges for the flanged type
are integral part of body casting.

Face-to-face dimensions:
Main and connection dimensions of a
standard design are given in the table. Face-
to-face dimensions and other dimensions
meet ANSI B 16.10 standard, flange
connecting dimensions correspond to
ANSI B 16.5 standard. Butt-weld ends are as
per ASME B 16.25.

Swing check valves are manufactured from
the following materials - ASTM A 216 WCB,
ASTM A 217 WC6, ASTM A 217 C5, ASTM
A217 C12.
Body materials can be supplied according to
customers requirements.

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