Three-way plug valve with screw-ends
L-passage - K 20 338-610 PN 10
T-passage - K 20 438-610 PN 10

Shut-off and distribution valve for non-
aggressive liquids, steam, gases for the
following service pressures and temperatures

Technical description
Sealing plug is drawn into the body by a gland
follower. Compression screw is used for
accurate adjustment of plug position or for
plug lifting. Flow through the plug (in "L" or
"T" shape) is marked by a groove on square

Connecting and end-to-end dimensions
The valve is provided on inlet and outlet side
with straight pipe thread as per ČSN 01 4033.
Connecting and end-to-end dimensions are
given in the table below.

Body, plug grey cast iron
Other material variants:
K 20 338-610, K 20 438-610:
Body grey cast iron
Plug brass
K 20 338-710, K 20 438-710:
Body, plug bronze

The valve is tested as per ČSN 13 3060, part 2.

The valve can be installed into piping in any position.

The valve is operated by a wrench.

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