Flanged ball valve - K 85 111(3) - 540 PN40

Shut-off valve for water, steam, air, oils, gases
and other non-aggressive fluids. The graph
shows maximum working overpressures and
temperatures. Allowable size of mechanical
impurities is up to 30 Ám, volume of
impurities up to 20 g/m3. The valve is not
suitable for flow regulation.

Technical description
The ball valve is a two-way valve, which
closing element is a floating ball sealed by
two seats. The valve has "OPEN - CLOSE"
position stops. The flow is shut off by turning
the lever or wing-handle through 90░ to the
right, and for DN 50 - 100 valves by
handwheel via gear box.

Connecting and face-to-face dimensions
Flange connecting dimensions as per
╚SN 13 1060 and ╚SN 13 1061, DIN 2501.
Face-to-face dimensions as per ╚SN EN 558.
Basic face-to-face dimensions are given in the
table below.

Body, flange carbon steel
(42 2643.1, GS-C25)
Ball, trunnion stainless steel (13 Cr)
Seat, sealing PTFE
Trunnion sealing "O" ring (rubber)

The valve is tested as per ╚SN 13 3060, part 2,
DIN 3230.

The valve can be installed into vertical or
horizontal piping.

The valve can be operated:
DN 50 - by a one-arm lever
DN 80, 100 - by a two-arm lever
DN 150, 200 - by a handwheel operated worm
gear box.
The valves can be also operated by a single-
turn electric actuator (DN 5Ú to 100) or
multiturn electric actuator (DN 150 to 200).
Type of electric actuator is specified by the

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