Flangeless ball valve - K 85 171(3) - 516(016) PN 16

Shut-off valve for water, steam, oils, gases
and other non-aggressive fluids (-516 design).
For aggressive media depending on medium
type, temperature and concentration.
(-016 design) The graph shows maximum
working overpressures and temperatures.
Valves in -016 design are available only in
sizes DN 40 to 100.
The valve is not suitable for flow regulation.

Technical description
The ball valve is a two-way valve, which
closing element is a floating ball sealed by
two seats. The valve has "OPEN - CLOSE"
position stops. The flow is shut off by turning
the lever through 90° to the right, or by electric

Connecting and end-to-end dimensions
Flange connecting dimensions as per
ČSN 13 1060, DIN 2501 and ČSN 13 1061,
DIN 2526.
Basic end-to-end dimensions are given in the
table below.

-516 -016
Body carbon steel stainless steel
(42 2643.1) (42 2942.4)
Ball, trunnion stainless steel (13 Cr)
Seat, sealing PTFE
Trunnion sealing rubber (VITON)

The valve is tested as per ČSN 13 3060, part 2,
DIN 3230-3.

The valve can be installed into vertical or
horizontal piping.

The valve can be operated by a one-arm lever
or by a two-arm lever (for DN 150 valves) or
by a single-turn electric servomotor.
On customer´s request the valve can be
operated also by pneumatic actuator (single-
or double-acting).

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