Ball valve with butt-weld ends  Vexve types   100, 110 PN 25, 40

Shut-off valve for water, air, oils, crude oil
and gases for service pressures and
temperatures as per graph in the picture. The
ball valve is not intended for flow regulation.
Type 110 is intended for gas.

Technical description
The ball valve is a two-way valve, which
closing element is a floating ball sealed by
seats with reduced bore. DN 15 to 250 ball
valves are available also with full bore. The
ball valve has all- welded body. Trunnion is
sealed by a PTFE ring and FPM "O"-ring.
Connecting and end-to-end dimensions
Basic end-to-end and connecting dimensions
are given in the table below.

Body carbon steel (St 358)
Ball stainless steel W 4301
Trunnion stainless steel W 4305
Seat carbon filled PTFE
Other materials available upon agreement
with the supplier.

The valve can be installed in any position.

The valve can be operated by a lever.

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