Pressure damper - M 25 117(127)-4(160,250,320,400)

Automatic multi-level fitting with a stable
system of orifice plates and swirl chambers,
which reduce high pressure drops. Used
mainly in pressure relief pipe of discharge
units boiler feed pumps in energy systems.
For use with water and other non-aggressive
liquids at service pressures and temperatures:

Technical description
The forged body has a straight axis. The
damping system consist of one to eight orifice
plates with hard welded alloy. The orifice
plates are separated from each other by
spacing sleeves which form expansion and
damping chambers, in which the striking and
mixing of flows damps the kinetic and
pressure energy of fluids.

Connecting, face-to-face, end-to-end

Face-to-face and end-to-end dimensions are
given in the table below.
Weld end finish as per DIN 2559 and
ÈSN 13 1075 and 13 1070.
Flange connecting dimensions as per
DIN 2501 and ÈSN 13 1060.
Flange sealing surface as per DIN 2526 and ÈSN 13 1061.

Body carbon steel
Orifice plates 1,4541 with satellite 6 weld
Spacing sleeves stainless steel (13 Cr)

The damper is tested as per DIN 3230-3,
ÈSN 13 3060, part 2.

The pressure damper can be installed in any
position. The correct flow direction is
indicated by an arrow on the body.


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