Valve-type suction basket - M 51 010-010 PN 10

End fitting for the vertical suction pipe for
pumping clean or turbid aggressive liquids
without hard mechanical particles at service
temperature up to 150°C. Its use is limited by
the type, temperature and concentration of the
service liquid. It prevents the unwanted
escape of columns of liquid from the suction
pipe when the pump is stopped.

Technical description
The basket consist of a body, valve, seat plate
and filter screen. The surface area in the
basket holes is 2.5 times the cross-sectional
area of the pipe to which the basket is fitted.
Valve lift is limited by a rib in the body.

Connecting and face-to-end dimensions
Face-to-end dimensions are given in table
Flange connecting dimensions as per
DIN 2501 and ČSN 13 1060 and 13 1061.

Body, valve stainless steel (1.4408)
Seat plate stainless steel (1.4408)
Filter screen stainless steel (13 Cr)
(perforated sheet metal)

The suction basket is tested as per DIN 3230,
ČSN 13 3060, part 2.

The suction basket must be installed

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