Handwheel stand for sewage gate valves S60 002-601


Mechanisms are intended for manual control
of sewage gate valves. The stand is with direct
handwheel operation for sewage gate valves
up to DN 600.

Technical description
The stands have a chasing nut, which is
attached by a bonnet to stand base.
Handwheel for sewage gate valve operation is
set on the chasing nut. The stand is attached
by four bolts to the ground.

Connection and face-to-face dimensions
Face-to-face dimensions are given in the table
Face-to-face dimensions as per ČSN EN 558.

Stage, handwheel, stem extension GG-25
Stem 11 523

Sewage gate valve operation stand must be set
before embed into concrete so as the gate base
(or extension tube) do not get stuck when

Hmin - minimum depth, when the sewage
gate valve can be as yet fully open.
Weight is valid for Hmin.
Weights are informative only and for
configuration of Hmin including sewage gate

X - optional center bearing location, 1pc/2,5 m

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