Output pressure controller - 2311 PN 40


Controller is intended for regulation of input
(unsteady) pressure to a constant output
pressure. This type is for water and air, for
maximum pressures up to PN 40 and
temperatures up to 300°C. Controller cannot
be used for flammable and toxic fluids.
Reduced (output) pressure is adjusted and
controlled by a spring (each spring is for fixed
expanse pressure). Kv number is volume rate
of service fluid (in m3/h - water volume flow
rate with water density 100kg/m3
, when valvepressure drop is 1 bar).
Minimum differential pressure

Set values of output pressure (p 2 ) and
maximum allowable pressure load of a
diaphragm (bar) are given in the table below.

Connecting and face-to-face dimensions
Face-to-face dimensions are given in the table

Body GG 25
Seat, conical disk chrome steel
Valve bushing brass (CuZn40)
Membrane EPDM

Pressure controller is installed in horizontal
piping with spring in vertical position under
the axis of pipeline. The correct flow direction
is indicated by an arrow on the body. The stop
valve must be set upstream the strainer, which
is set upstream the controller. The stop valve
must have the same nominal inside diameter
as the controller. Safety valve must be set in
specified distance downstream the controller
and stop valve must not be set between these

Technical data Leakage of a closed valve: DN 15-20 0,1% Kvs Permeability: 5 - 100% of Kvs DN 25-200 0,1% Kvs

Set values of output pressure (p2) and maximum diaphragm pressure load (bar):

Dependence of max. allowable pressure on inlet (p1) and outlet (p2) for liquids.
Differential presure p1 - p2 = 15 bar must not be exceeded independently of graph data.

A - for DN 25 - 32
B - for DN 32 - 80
C - for DN 80 - 125
D - for DN 125 - 200
Max. input pressure for DN 15 is 34 bar

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