Pressure controller with control stabilizer
C 26 525 540 PN 40, C 26 525 563 PN 63

It is used as a self-acting regulator, which
decreases the input vapor pressure and
regulates it within tolerant range to the set
output pressure. Controller can be used for
heating gas as per ÈSN 385502, air and other
non-aggressive gases. If the fluid is butane-
propane, it must be in gaseous state and in
composition as per ÈSN 656482. Operation
temperature range is from -10°C up to 70°C (in
consideration of rubber parts). The pipeline
must be free of all mechanic impurities, rusts
and scale to allow the controller work

Connecting and face-to-face dimensions
Flange connecting dimension Pn 25, PN 40
and PN 63 as per ÈSN 131160. Flange face
finish as per ÈSN 131061 is following:
- inlet PN 40 with rugged sealing face (D3)
- outlet PN 25 with rugged sealing face (D3)
- inlet PN 63 with recess (D5)
- outlet PN 40 with rugged sealing face (D3)

The controller is installed to horizontal
pipeline only. Vertical controller axis must be
perpendicular to horizontal surface, which
passes through longitudinal controller axis.

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