Reflex valve level indicator U 45.1-425 PN 25

It is used as water direct-reading instrument
for steam-generator tanks or for fixed hot-
water tanks, for medium aggressive fluids and
saturated steam for service pressures up to PN
25 and temperatures up to 250°C. The
indicator must not be used for toxic,
aggressive or crystallic substances.

Technical description
Level indicator has upper and inferior head,
groove with reflex glass, and control valve
V 10 151 4100 DN 10. Head comprises
protective ball cap and quick-closing, arm
controlled valve with weight.
Level indicator enables max. groove
inclination 30°. Control valve is for venting
and sludging, when the level indicator is shut-
down. Reflex glasses enable contrast fluid
level observation.

Connecting and face-to-face dimensions
Connecting and face-to-face dimensions are
given in the table below.

Holder head body carbon steel
Level indicator glass cast tempered glass
Stem, plug stainless steelInstallation
Level indicator is installed vertically or in a
sloping position with the control valve in low

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