Valve level indicator and level indicator adapter
U 22-016 R00.5 PN 16

It is used as water direct-reading instrument
for pressure and non-pressure tanks. This
level indicator is for service pressure up to PN
16 and temperatures up to 200°C. The
indicator must not be used for toxic,
aggressive or crystallic substances.

Technical description
Level indicator has upper and inferior head,
level indicator glass tube with 20 mm outside
diameter. Arms have access eyes, which are
sealed with cocks, when in service. Level
indicator tube is from special glass and is
packed with asbestos jointing in the arms.
Inferior head has drain plug. Max. centre to
centre distance is H=1500 mm.

Connecting and face-to-face dimensions
Connecting and face-to-face dimensions are
given in the table below.

Body, arms, nuts stainless steel
Stem, plug, sleeves stainless steel
Adapter body grey cast iron

Level indicator is installed vertically or to a
sloping position with the control valve in low

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