Bonnet gate valve - S 20 111-606/10 PN 6

The gate valve can be operated by handwheeel or electric

Shut-off valve for potable, industrial and sea
water, non-aggressive liquids, steam and
gases for service pressures and temperatures:

Application for different media and
temperatures must be consulted with the
manufacturer in advance.

Technical description
Oval gate valve with solid wedge. Wedge is
guided in guide bars. Stem is non-rising with
its thread inside the valve and is sealed by soft
packing. Body and wedge sealing rings
consist of soldered non-ferrous metal rings, or
the rings are made of base material or pressed
13 Cr steel .

Connecting and face-to-face dimensions
Face-to-face dimension per DIN 3202 F5.
Flange connection dimensions as per DIN
2501. Flange faces as per DIN 2526, Form C.
Basic face-to-face and connecting dimensions
are shown in the table.

Body, bonnet, wedge, stuffing box housing,
gland follower
42 2420 GG-25
Stem 41 7021 X15Cr13
Stem nut 42 2304 GGG-40
Body and wedge sealing surfaces:
A) Of base material 42 2420 GG-25
B) Brass B-Cu60ZnSi L-CuZn40
C) Stainless steel 41 7241 X10CrNi189

The gate valve is tested per DIN 3352, part 1.
The gate valve are installed in horizontal
piping with handwheel upwards.

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