Yoke gate valve - S 38.1 111(3)-225 PN 25, S 38.1 121(3)-225 PN 25

The gate valve is tested per »SN 13 3060, part 2.

The gate valve can be installed in horizontal, vertical or oblique
piping. For electrically actuated valves, the axis of electric
motor must remain, horizontal. If the servomotor is installed or
from a vertical axis upwards, amount of oil fill must be
increased. If the valve is installed horizontally, the actuator must
be supported.

The gate valve can be operated by handwheel, chainwheel,
electric servomotor (S38.1 113, S38.1 123) or from a stand.

Shut-off valve for water, saturated and
superheated steam, gases, non-aggressive
liquids, crude oil and oil products. Use of the
valve for other media must be discussed with
the supplier in advance.

The gate valve is not suitable for flow regulation

Technical description
The yoke gate valve has a rising non-rotating
stem with its thread outside the valve
chamber. The stem nut is turned to raise or
lower the stem and flexible wedge. Seats and
wedge have stainless steel welded sealing
surfaces. The seats are screwed into valve
body. Stem is sealed with gland packing in
a bonnet. Gate valves can be provided also
with a drain plug, vent plug or bypass.

Connecting and face-to-face dimension
Flange connection dimensions as per
DIN 2501 and DIN 2526, butt-weld ends as
per »SN 13 1075. Face-to-face dimension as
per »SN EN 558, end to end dimensions as
per »SN 13 3053. Basic face-to-face and
connecting dimensions are shown in the table.

Body, bonnet, wedge 42 2744.5
Stem stainless steel (13 Cr)
Seats stell 15 128.5
Sealing surfaces stellite
Gland packing asbestos-free graphite
Alternative materials per DIN standards are
also available.

* - only with gear

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