Globe valve - G 13.1 181-616 PN 16


Shut-off valve for hot water heating systems
for the following service pressures and

Technical description
The valve is head-type. Flat disc with teflon
sealing fits into the body seat which is made of
the base material. Rotating rising stem is
sealed with gland packing in the valve head.
Inlet end of the valve has internal thread and
hexagonal exterior. Outlet end is fitted with a
coupling with external thread. Both ends have
straight pipe threads.

Connecting and end-to-end dimensions
Connecting and end-to-end dimensions are
given in the table below.

Body, head,
cap nuts grey cast iron (GG-20)
Stem, disc stainless steel (13Cr)
Disc sealing ring teflon (PTFE)
Coupling carbon steel
Gland packing asbestos-free fibre

The valve is tested as per ČSN 13 3060, part 2,
DIN 3230-3.

The valve can be installed in horizontal or
vertical piping.

The valve is operated by handwheel.

Q t - maximum flow rate [m3/h]

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