Straight-way globe valve 
V 30 111(3)-040 PN 40, C 09 111(3)-040 PN 40

The valve is operated by handwheel, chainwheel or
direct-acting servomotor.

Shut-off valve for liquid and gaseous media in
chemical and food industry for service
pressures and temperatures:

As a shut-off valve providing tightness design
V 30 111 040 is recommended. Design
V 40 111 040 with regulating disc is
recommended as a regulation valve.

Technical description
Manually operated valve is yoke-type,
electrically actuated valve is bonnet type.
Closing disc fits into a rolled seat in the body.
Stem is sealed with gland packing in the
bonnet. Service medium flow direction is
under the disc.

Connecting and face-to-face dimensions
Flange connecting dimensions as per
╚SN 13 1060 and ╚SN 13061.
Face-to-face dimensions as per ╚SN EN 558.
Basic connecting and face-to-face dimensions
are given in the table.

V30 C09
Body stain. steel (42 2931) DIN 1.4408
Bonnet stainless steel
Disc stainless steel
Stem stainless steel
Gland packing asbestos-free

The valve is tested as per ╚SN 13 3060, part 2.

The valve can be installed in horizontal or
vertical piping.

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