Rubber lined diaphragm valve - V 69 111(4)-910 PN 10

Shut-off valve for chemical and food industry.
For service pressures and temperatures:

Use is limited by type, temperature and
concentration of the service liquid.

Technical description
The diaphragm valve has no gland packing.
Closing element is a rubber diaphragm
pressed into the seat by a support. The
diaphragm is fixed to the support with an
embedded bolt. Bonnet and support have ribs
to prevent the diaphragm from tearing. Stem
turns within the diaphragm support to which it
is attached. Fluids can flow through the valve
in both directions.

Connecting and face-to-face dimensions
Flanged connection dimensions as per
»SN 13 1060, DIN 2501.
Face-to-face dimensions as per »SN EN 558,
DIN 3202 F1.
Basic connecting and face-to-face dimensions
are given in the table below.

Body, bonnet, support grey cast iron
Diaphragm rubber
Surfaces getting in contact
with medium rubber
Stem carbon steel

The valve is tested as per »SN 13 3060, part 2,
DIN 3230.

The valve can be installed in horizontal or
vertical piping.

The valve is operated by handwheel,
chainwheel or from a stand.

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