Pressure gauge shut-off valve with pipe coupling and threaded neck - ČSN 13 7517A PN 630

Special shut-off valve for pressure gauges
with flat sealing for service pressures and
temperatures as given in the table below. Use
of the valve is limited by type, temperature
and concentration of service fluid.

Technical description
The neck of inlet end of the forged valve body
is threaded, adapted for flat sealing. Outlet
end is fitted with a pipe coupling for
connection of the pressure gauge. The valve is
provided with side outlet for connection of a
check pressure gauge. Air-release bolt is used
to release pressure in the gauge.

Connecting and end-to-end dimensions
Basic connecting and face-to-face dimensions
are given in the table.

Body see table
Stem stainless steel
Handwheel plastic

The valve is tested as per ČSN 13 3060, part 2
DIN 3230-3.

The valve can be installed in horizontal or
vertical piping.

The valve is operated by handwheel.

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