Spring-loaded safety valve full-lift, gastight
P 58 217-5100 PN 100


P max - maximum opening overpressure [MPa]

Safety valve designed to protect pressure
vessels and other pressure equipment against
exceeding specific pressure level for steam,
air, non-aggressive liquids and gases for
service pressures and temperatures:

Opening overpressure can be set from 0,1 MPa.

Technical description
The gastight design of the valve has a raising
lever for in-service testing of the valve.
Closing disc fits in a sealing surface welded in
the body. The disc is pressed into the seat by a
thrust pin, which is forced down by a spring.
Flow direction in the valve is from under the

Connecting and face-to-end dimensions
Flange connecting dimensions as per
ČSN 13 1060 and ČSN 13 1061, DIN 2501,
sealing surface finish is for PN 40 on inlet
side, for PN 16 on outlet side.
Basic face-to-end and connecting dimensions
are given in the table.

Body, cover carbon steel (42 2643.1)
Top cover grey cast iron (42 2420)
Disc, guide bush stainless steel (13 Cr)
Seat weld overlay (13 Cr)
Spring special steel

The valve is tested as per ČSN 13 3060, part 2
DIN 3230.

The valve must be installed in vertical
position with the thrust pin above the disc.

Automatically operated by service pressure
on the disc.

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