Lift check valve - Z 15 117-240 PN 40


The valve is self-acting, using the pressure of the service fluid on the
disc, which closes to prevent reverse medium flow.

Self-acting valve preventing reverse flow of
the service fluid, for use with water, steam, on
special request also for other non-aggressive
liquids and gases with temperature up to
550C (depending on valve material), for
service pressures and temperatures:

If tightness is required, it is necessary to
install into pipeline also a shut-off valve,
besides the check valve.

Technical description
The valve is bonnet type. Disc is guided loose
in a bonnet and fits in a sealing surface welded
in the valve body. Flow direction in the valve
is from under the disc.

Connecting and face-to-face dimensions
Flange connecting dimensions as per
SN 13 1060, DIN 2501and SN 13 1061.
Face-to-face dimensions as per SN EN 558,
DIN 3202 F1.
Basic face-to-face and connecting dimensions
are given in the table.

Body, bonnet
up to 550C alloy steel (42 2744.5, 1.7537)
Disc stainless steel (13 Cr)
Sealing surface weld overlay (13 Cr)

The valve is tested as per SN 13 3060, part 2,
DIN 3230.

The valve must be installed only in horizontal
pipeline with the bonnet upwards.

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